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Aum Svaha - Come o Powerful

Why the reference to the year 2025, what is the importance of this date? The invocation "Come, O Mighty One", to whom is it referred?

Master D.K. through A. A. Bailey reports that in the period 1943-6 Christ before the spiritual Hierarchy, made the decision that he would return to humanity in physical form around 2025. Christ's last words to the apostles were: "Behold, I am with you every day until the end of the present age (or cycle)". (Matthew 28:20). The significant word is "end". The word used is the Greek "sun-teleia" which indicates the end of a period, after which another period immediately begins (i.e. the end of a cycle). The last end is indicated by the Greek word télos. In Matthew (24, 6) "but the end is not yet", the word télos is used to mean "we have not yet reached the end of the first period". The great moment that Christ so patiently waited for has come. Christians wait for the imminent return of Christ, Jews wait for the Messiah; Hindus wait for the return of Krishna; Buddhists wait for the coming of Maitreya Buddha; Muslims wait for the Imam Mahdi. The names may vary but all indicate the same Being: the Instructor of the World.
The Bodhisattva Maitreya was announced to the world as the next Buddha by Gautama himself. The main difference between Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism is that the former, besides Gautama Buddha, also recognizes the Hierarchy of Light. The followers of Hinayana do not recognize any Hierarchy except the Gautama Buddha and his successor, the Bodhisattva Maitreya. That is why even the Hinayana recognizes only this Bodhisattva.
A very late sutra, the "Sutra of the Great Collection" (cin. Ta-chi Ching; giap. Daijikkyo), translated from Dharmaraksha (385-433), predicts in detail the birth, development and decline of Buddhism in the five five hundred years after Sakyamuni's death. The last epoch is described as an evil era, of confusion and corruption, marred by wars and natural disasters, at the end of which Maitreya will appear. Traditionally the death of Sakyamuni is in 486 B.C., (uncertain date) then the year of its appearance should be 2500-486=2014. As the calculations show, the two dates 2014 and 2025 are very close.
Buddha Maitreya of the Himalayan tradition is the Christ of Westerners, the Master of the World, the Saviour/Redeemer of humanity. Maitreya corresponds to the Kalki Avatar of Hinduism "the Avatar of the White Horse", and to the Son of God on the white horse of John's Revelation, and to the Messiahs of all peoples. In popular legends the difference between Maitreya and the Kalki Avatara is that, while the latter will appear at the end of the present Kali Yuga for the final destruction of the evil one, for the renewal of humanity and "the return of purity", Maitreya expects it first.
Helena Roerich in one of her letters states that Maitreya is the Lord of Shamballa and the author of the Agni Yoga books. The books themselves seem to indicate three names as author, Morya, Maitreya and Rigden. Rigden is the name or title of the kings of Shamballa. He is the last Rigden, Rigden Dragpo, or Jyepo (Djapo), also known as Kalki Rudracakrin, who according to the highest Buddhist esoteric writing, the Kalachakra Tantra, will ride back on a white horse (in some blue descriptions) from Shamballa at the end of the Dark Age to destroy evil in the world[1].
In the Tibetan language, "Rigden" is a part of the name of the Lord of Shamballa. The Lord of Shamballa, according to the oldest chronicles, will himself fight against the Prince of Darkness, and this battle will take place primarily in the subtle spheres; while here the Lord of Shamballa will act through his earthly warriors. He himself can only be seen in truly exceptional cases, and certainly would never appear in a crowd or among the curious. His manifestation in a fiery Image would be disastrous for everything, for His aura is charged with energies of immense power.
In 1.924, Alexandra David Néel, who had been in Tibet, wrote several articles on the traditions of Gessar (Cesar) Khan, the hero of Asia, whose legendary personality has many connections with Rigden Jyepo, the Lord of Shambhala. Tibetan and Mongolian tales narrate that Gessar Khan is coming with an invincible army to destroy the evil elements of Lhasa and to establish justice and prosperity for all.
N. Roerich collects stories about this hero, a warrior king who, with his magical weapons, rides his winged horse, triumphs over the forces of evil and injustice. There are 11 paintings by N. K. Roerich and one painting by his son S. N. Roerich, directly connected with the image and the name of Gesar Khan. Some of these paintings have the sword of Gessar Kan as their theme.
N. Roerich sees a rock where the heroic sword of Gesar Khan is engraved. The artist proposes in a painting the Sword of Gesar Khan what he saw while commenting, again in front of us are the caves and the peaks of the sacred pilgrimage. N. Roerich proudly calls Mingiyur blade the stone on which the image of the sword of Gesar Khan is carved. The temma and the symbol of the sword appears in the mythical sword of Gesar Kan, the sword of Rigden Dragpo Lord of Shamballa, the sword of the Kalki Avatar, the sword of the Son of God on a white horse in John's Revelation. I have not come to bring peace, but sword is a saying of Jesus reported from the gospel according to Matthew.
Darkness has chained mankind, but the flash of the sword will tear it from top to bottom
(Leaves of the Garden of Morya I, 283).
The Buddha spent his life in peace, and was forgotten. Christ suffered, and was forgotten. Let everyone now raise his sword high over his head, according to his most intense aspirations.
(Leaves of the Garden of Morya II, 132).
2025 also marks the dawn or the beginning of a new cycle due to the strength and energy of the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, which will manifest itself in all its power slowly from 2025 onwards. Much has been made known in A.A. Bailey's books about the return of Christ and the exteriorization of the Hierarchy, but little is known about the Avatar, He who stands behind and governs the forces of this event. The peak of the sunspot cycle is scheduled for July 2025, and will mark the advent of a new cycle whose beginning will be given by the sunspot peak. The sun is not only a source of light and physical heat, but much more. A fragment of the Chaldean Oracles says that "God has fixed the fire of the Sun in the seat of the Heart". The Sun was called by Macrobius the "heart of the sky" because thanks to his intelligence all those regular phenomena that affect the earth occur. The influence of this event is dealt with exhaustively afterwards.
These immense incoming energies have long since alarmed and recalled the most biased forces of materialism made up of oppression, selfishness and all other human baseness. Opposed to the Spiritual or White Hierarchy is a Black Hierarchy, dominated by a dark Lord of the material world, whose tentacles extend through corruption whose main means are sex, fear and greed for money. His power depreciates the world of finance and politics and partly in areas within the world's great religions.
In every religion, as in every ideological group, there is a core of hard fanaticism. For fear of losing their privileges or the illusion of being loved by the divinity, they react to every variation of their obtuse inertial state by always representing their adversary as a devil. The same accusation made by the Jews to Jesus: "Now we know that you have a devil" (John 8:52). These groups full of hatred and resentment, believing they obey spiritual beings, are actually under the influence of the Dark Lord, they have become one of his many instruments. They have been flooding the web for years with messages like: the Christ Maitreya is actually the Black Messiah of the New Age, the Antichrist, and the Masters of Wisdom are actually devils. They warn that the one who very soon will appear saying: "I am the Messiah, the Christ", is Satan. Weak minds and fearful hearts, like moths, are already attracted by this call.
This Great Being will not come saying that I am neither Christ nor Maitreya. On the other hand, even the Jews did not recognise Jesus as the expected Messiah. An Avatar is a spiritual event that comes among us to produce great changes or important restorations, to begin a new civilization and bring man closer to God. The spiritual energy released by such an advent will be immense and will revolutionize human consciousness, the dark ones will veil their faces unable to bear such energy. When Christ comes, it will be for the advanced units of the human family; they will recognise Him, because He has always been with us, while from the masses His Advent will evoke a vibratory response but not direct recognition.
Men oppose the way of Light.
The eyes of moles love darkness,
but love and wisdom will win.
(Leaves of the Garden of Morya I, 116).
The unconscious purpose of fanatics is to confuse the weak-minded and the weak-hearted, thus fulfilling the purposes of darkness, to confuse and frighten. The true Church of Christ is the whole of all those in whom Christ's life or conscience has manifested itself or is about to manifest itself; it is the whole of all those who love their brothers and sisters, for love of neighbour is a divine faculty which makes them members of the community of Christ. It is not the acceptance of a historical fact or a creed that puts us in relationship with Christ. To claim that this triumph of Christ consciousness should only be spoken of in terms of religion, devotion and orthodoxy is a victory for the forces of evil. Being a citizen of the kingdom of God does not necessarily mean being a member of a constituted church. The divine Christ in the human heart can be expressed in many areas of life: in the arts, in the sciences, in the religious, economic, political and social fields.
The only time that, as an adult, Christ appeared in the Temple of the Jews, he caused you a riot! To the fanatical guardians of a false orthodoxy, unconscious instruments and sometimes embellished with Evil, this writing is not for them.
The great Beings are "exceptional men who appear from time to time to change the face of the world and to begin a new era in the destinies of humanity". They come in times of crisis, often produced with the aim of eliminating what is old and no longer responsive to the times, in order to prepare the way for new and more suitable forms for the evolving life of God immanent in nature. Identification with what has passed, retrogression to old methods, means for man to go back on the path of self-conscious evolution, and finally leads to the loss of the selfish principle, or selfishness, which distinguishes man (human and heavenly) from the rest of evolution.
Always, and at every serious human crisis and in the hour of need, when a new race must be established or a ready humanity awakened to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God, moved by the Law of Compassion, sends an Instructor, a Savior, an Illuminating Being, an Avatar, a Transmitter, an Intermediary, a Christ. He will transmit a message that will heal, point out to mankind the next step, illuminate an obscure world problem and manifest some aspect of the hitherto ignored divinity. (The Return of Christ, 10).
In 1925, during the expedition to Central Asia organized by Nicholas Roerich Museum of N.Y. along the caravan routes of Kashmir - Ladakh and Central Asia, N. Roerich was impressed by the vision of the images of the Bodhisattva Maitreya, the Buddha of the next cycle, as testimony, some of these images he photographed, others he painted. In the monastery of Gum, situated on the border of India with Nepal, a giant image of Maitreya nine metres high, the coming Saviour and the Sovereign of humanity, was erected. The Lord Maitreya sits on a throne with his legs lowered - this is a sign that the time of his coming is near and he is preparing to leave the throne.
The monastery was founded at the end of the 19th century by the Mongolian scholar Lama, who came here from distant Mongolia to announce the imminent coming of the Lord of Maitreya. The disciple of the founder of the monastery, also a learned lama, standing before the image of the next Master, said to the Roerich: "Verily, the time has come for the Great Advent. According to our prophecies, the era of Shambhala has already begun. Rigden-Japo, Lord of Shambhala, is already preparing his invincible army for the final battle".
At the foot of the mountain, on which towers a monastery, is the small village of Maulbek (now a small town). Here you can admire a second representation of Maitreya, a giant rock statue[2] carved into the rock about 9 metres high.
N. Roerich in 1925 photographed Maitreya's sculpture, saying that every traveller had to pass in front of this rock. N. Roerich writes, in the book The Heart of Asia: "When we were on our way to Khotan, we heard almost by chance that the back of the rock, which carries the image, is in ancient Chinese. In the place one would expect and Sanskrit and Tibetan, Mongolian, but the Chinese inscription was completely unexpected. Let the next researcher examine the rock of Maitreya from the back".
N. Roerich captured this magnificent image in two paintings: "Maitreya the Victorious" (1925 - 1926) and "The Sign of Maitreya" (1925 - 1926). The two hands to the sky of Maitreya suggest the call of distant worlds, while two hands downwards, the blessing of the earth. The artist also painted a girl bent down in deep prayer in front of the image of Maitreya carved in the rock. The girl's eyes are facing east, where in the sky, burning clouds form a regiment of fast[3]red knights. The image of the girl is unusually soft, clean, exudes feeling, the melody of prayer, coming from the soul. "They know that Maitreya is coming," writes N. Roerich when describing the ancient rocky relief near Maulbek. This painting is not only a hymn, but the announcement of a heroic epic.
The artist's evocative palette, built on an austerely solemn range of contrasting cold and warm tones, reaches its maximum intensity. Then, the colour pink "compacted" to alo-cremisi, bluish-blue - to violet, golden yellow - to velvety brown, chocolate. And this intense richness of colour, combined with a robust silhouette and a broad, whimsical way of writing, conveys an extraordinarily powerful message of energy to the canvas.
The following description of Christ, which Helena Roerich "carried in her heart", as she herself wrote in the book Sovramundano, of the Agni Yoga series, was given to her by the Masters of Shambhala, the keepers of the oldest historical annals on the planet.
Urusvati can convey the traits of the Great Traveller to an artist inclined to portray human faces; at least in general terms, you can capture the image. We still remember his features: his hair is light blonde and, in fact, quite long, his ends are a bit darker, slightly wavy, with small twists, but the locks remain evident. The forehead is light and wide, but no wrinkles are visible; the eyebrows are a little darker than hair, but small, the eyes are blue and raised at the corners, the lashes give depth to the eyes. The cheekbones are slightly evident, the nose is small and rather soft, the mouth is small, but the lips are quite full. The whiskers are small, they do not cover the mouth. The beard is also small and slightly forked at the chin. Such traits have led to love the Maestro. Not so much beauty as expression made the Master memorable. (Supermundane I, 159, Agni Yoga series).
The artist Svetoslav Roerich, Helena Roerich's son, painted the image in the "Lord of Love" according to his description.
2025 also marks the dawn or the beginning of a new cycle due to the strength and energy of the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, which will manifest itself in all its power slowly from 2025 onwards. In this regard, we are talking about the energy of the one Spirit, characterized by three qualities (Will, Love and Intelligence). The three main currents of energy are first of all divided into seven parts, the Seven Rays. It alludes to a primordial event, when the sound produced by a Ray caused an effect on matter: it is the power of the Word that gives rise to the manifestation of a cosmos. Each of the Seven Rays then emits its own sound, setting in motion the forces that will act on matter. The seven Rays therefore embody seven types of forces that progressively reveal the seven qualities of the divine.
The Fourth Ray of Harmony brings with it Beauty and Art, when the Fourth Ray will once again rise into full objective activity - there will be a return of the arts on a spiral turn far higher than has ever been seen. The Fourth Ray teaches the art of living in order to achieve a synthesis of beauty. There is no beauty without unity, without idealism, and without the symmetrical development that comes with it. This Ray is not the Ray of art, as is often claimed, but the energy that produces the beauty of those living forms that embody the ideas and ideals that seek expression.
The 4-beam motion can be identified in the seasonal rhythm, the quaternary distribution of any Cycle that translates the squaring of an initial impulse "at the 4 corners of the world" into a Cross with 4 main beats and breaths: it is the "squaring of the circle" of time that brings the World of Ideas into Form[4].
For mysterious wisdom, for the Law of Correspondence or Analogy, the Fourth Ray influences the fourth planetary Scheme, the fourth Chain, our fourth physical Globe, the Earth, and finally the fourth Kingdom, the human.
All science, philosophy, art, music and poetry, which the world has ever produced, are but "the little Silent Voice" of the only synthetic truth - the crowning glory of all truth and all life - the Christ, the same that is found in the star, in the molecule or in man, and which always tries to express itself through the human heart; and every great evolutionary wave that always includes the strength of all previous waves makes that voice fuller, more complete, easier to hear, and thus increasingly allows the revelation of the glory of the divine ideal. (Theogenesis, 291)
The year 2025, which sees the united action of the Lord of Maitreya and the Lord of the Fourth Ray, is the first quarter of the 21st century.
The Lord of the Fourth Ray has many names that deserve careful study and much consideration. In less than a hundred years this Lord of harmonizing power will have more influence and will compensate some of the violent upheavals caused by Saturn in the first deanery of Aquarius. The study of His names will simplify His efforts and build a constructive body of thought that will facilitate His work when He is again in active manifestation. (Treaty Seven Rays I, 71)
Since the first edition of the Treaty Seven Rays I, is dated 1936, less than one hundred years means before the year 2036. Some of the names of the Lord of the Fourth Ray are: The Hand of God, The Corrector of Form, The Master, The Trumpet of the Lord. The Ancient Commentary on the Lord of the Fourth Ray reads:

The Lord of Harmony, who sits high up, pours all His life and strength on the battlefield. He sees the end from the beginning and does not stop His hand, even though the anguish and pain are great and deep. The goal is Peace. The Beautiful must be attained. He cannot therefore stop life nor interrupt its flow.
The Lord of the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, and the Lord of Maitreya will act from 2025 onwards in unison, on the other side the forces of darkness embodying the most unbridled materialism and selfishness. Yes, there will be a conflict between two sides on the three planes of existence: mental, emotional and physical, the previous war fought on the physical plane, which ended with the defeat of Nazism was the first act. The second act of the conflict brought by the Fourth Ray stems from the demand for harmony that necessarily implies fair and equitable human relations, which clash with the current oppression, blackmail and abuse that are carried out by acting on the economy that is in the hands of a few obscure unscrupulous individuals, who control political classes without vision but condescending to financial power. The conflict, the perturbations have actually already started a century ago, because the passage from one cycle to another and the change does not happen suddenly.
The emergence to power of the Fourth Ray may correspond to the end of a minor cycle that closed in 1924. (Treaty on Cosmic Fire, 428)
The conflict that is happening and that will continue in the years to come is a form of war that occurs mainly on the mental levels: since war begins in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences for peace must be built. The clash of ideologies and thoughts generates burning emotions, whose side effects of the fiery energy released can be seen all over the world in the increasingly frequent and devastating forest fires. The whole of human history has been conditioned by the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict and it is this ray that has determined the impassable ring within which humanity must work.
In Exteriorization of the Hierarchy, p. 300, Master D.K. in September 1940, speaks of the Divine Incarnations as the highest type of Avatar that humanity can expect at this point in its evolution. He communicates the possibility of the Hierarchy and Shamballa, of a necessary intervention in the form of a general cataclysm (which would have involved all humanity) to avoid the defeat of humanity by Nazism as an instrument of the dark forces.
The destruction of mankind mentioned could mean destruction by fire. "If humanity fails to unite under the banner of the Forces of Light against the forces of material aggression and selfishness, then the "judgement of fire" may be inevitable". [Exteriorization of Hierarchy, p. 259].
Is it possible for a flood to wipe out entire regions, and an earthquake to devastate an entire nation, and a hurricane to tear down a city, and giant meteorites to fall to Earth? All events are possible, and fluctuations can increase. Does the quality of human thought count for nothing? Think of the essence of things, which is very close to thought; and many thoughts come here from other worlds. Do not blame only the sunspots. One thought directed toward the Brotherhood is already an act of health. (Brotherhood, 250; Agni Yoga Necklace)
Enemies are a source of energy tension. Nothing can increase energy as much as counterattack. So why invent artificial obstacles when the dark ones try with all their might to increase our energy? - (Hierarchy, Agni Yoga Necklace).
In 1945, at the moment when the external threat of the enemy through Hitler's armies had been averted, the Master said that three awards must be highlighted before 2025, "if the total destruction of mankind is to be avoided". These are:  
  • Recognition of Christ consciousness.
  • Recognition of Hierarchy.
  • Recognition of the Divine Plan. [Discipleship in the New Age Vol. 2, p. 164]

[1] The advent of the Avatar of Synthesis /1 by Dorje Jimpa.
[2] Fa-hsien, the Chinese traveller, in his notes referring to these places describes a large statue.
[3] The knights and horses of Shamballa are depicted by Roerich in red, that of the Will of God, the First Ray.
[4] TPS


"Avatar" is a Sanskrit word that literally means "descending from far away". Ava (as prefix to verbs and verbal nouns) expresses the idea of "far, away, down". Avataram (comparative) "further away". The root AV always seems to denote the idea of protection from above and is used in compound words indicating protection by kings or chiefs. It can therefore be said that the word "Avatar" means: "It descends with the approval of the higher source from which it comes and with the benefit of the place where it comes from". (From the Sanskrit dictionary of Monier-Williams).
Much has been made known in A.A. Bailey's books about the return of Christ and the exteriorization of the Hierarchy, but little is known about the Avatar, He who stands behind and rules the forces of this event. From the archives of the Hierarchy translated into the Treaty on Cosmic Fire, we find the following prophecy in uncommented verses:
From the zenith to the nadir, from dawn to the fall of night, from the emergence into existence of all that is or can be, to the passage into peace of all that has reached its end, shines the blue globe and the radiant inner fire.

From the golden gates to the imo (bottom) of the earth, from the flaming fire to the circle of shadow, he rides the secret Avatar, wielding the sword he pierces.

Nothing can stop him from approaching, and no one can say no to him. Towards the darkness of our sphere he rides alone, and as he approaches we see the greatest calamity and chaos of what he tries to resist.
The Asuras veil their faces, and the abyss of Maya falters to the foundations.
The stars of the eternal Lha vibrate at that sound - the WORD spoken with sevenfold intensity.
The greater the chaos, the greater the centre with all seven rotating spheres is shaken by the echoes of disintegration.
The smoke of a deep black rises upwards and dissipates. The discordant roar of the elements in war greets Him who comes and does not stop Him.
The struggle and cries of the fourth Hierarchy, joining the sweetest note of the builders of the fifth and sixth, welcome His approach. Nevertheless He passes by His way, touching the circle of the spheres and resounding the WORD.
(Cosmic Fire Treaty p. 747-8)

From the zenith to the nadir, from dawn to the fall of night, from the emergence into existence of all that is or can be, to the passage into peace of all that has reached its end, shines the blue globe and the radiant inner fire.
From top to bottom, from light above to darkness below, shines a "blue globe", which can be our fourth physical globe, the Earth, which exists from the beginning to the end of the cycle. The blue colour of the globe suggests both the Second Ray nature of our "Blue Logos", the Lord of this solar system, and the fourth physical Globe, the Earth, the body of manifestation of our Planetary Logos.
From the golden gates to the imo (bottom) of the earth, from the flaming fire to the circle of shadow, he rides the secret Avatar, wielding the sword he pierces.
We can imagine that the "golden gates" represent the portal of the highest kingdom, that of the Solar Lives. The "flaming circle" suggests what in the Secret Doctrine is called "the not passing ring" of the higher worlds, while the "circle of darkness" indicates the boundaries of the darker material lower worlds. The Avatar "rides, carrying a sword" that pierces, just like the "Knight on the White Horse", another name for the Kalki Avatar, and the Christ of the Revelation of John. "Then I saw the sky open, and behold a white horse; he who rode him was called Faithful and Truthful: he judges and fights with justice... A sharp sword comes out of his mouth, to strike the nations with it".  Those who do not want to see, point to these equalities as syncretism, ignoring the existence of the One Source of Wisdom.
This prophecy taken from the ancient archives is a different translation from the Senzar (a writing composed of symbols in hieroglyphic form), of some sloka of the Dzyan Rooms not mentioned in the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky. In Theogenesis, further stanzas are divulged by Master H. in Theogenesis.
Then compassion awakened in the heart of the Mighty One - who majestically rode the White Horse - and He answered them saying: "I will send my Son to you. He will be clothed with Fire to be a torch to light the Fires in your hearts. From the Fires thus kindled the true Light will shine upon you. Theogenesis Room VI Sloka 4
The "White Horse", the Avatar's vehicle symbolises its strength. It is by means of the sun's rays that this electromagnetic force is collected and distributed to all living matter belonging to our solar system.
Figuratively speaking, the awakening of "Compassion in the Heart of the Mighty" indicates the rise of the evolutionary impulse emanating from the "White Horse". The word compassion, as it is generally used by advanced occultists, has nothing in common with the term pity with which it is often confused. If we consider the action of electricity in space, it comes naturally to us to think of the great sunspots - the dark masses that appear cyclically on the surface of the sun in periods of 11 years. Some astronomers and scientific researchers believe that these sunspots influence the life of mankind and Earth's conditions.
The space between the upper and lower waters of the heavens opened, and the Son came in power and glory, like a sun. He stood on the highest peak of the Black Star and touched the blinded eyes, ears and lips of all the supplicants gathered there to see, hear and speak with Him. Theogenesis Room VI Sloka 4
"The space between the upper and lower waters of the heavens" is the state of fluid matter (water) intermediate between the states or Plans of the upper and lower Manas (Mind), a state in which the individual mind of man can intuitively enter and grasp the plans and intentions of the divine builders of form, and thus bring them into manifestation on the physical plane.
In the third section of the Dzyan Rooms, the first two Sections have been transcribed in Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis by H. P. Blavatsky, it is pointed out that during many epochs that preceded ours, the planet called Earth was known by the Masters as the "Black Star", not because it was devoid of visible light, but because of the effects of the bad actions perpetrated by man since he became responsible for his own acts.
The phrase "He stood on the highest peak of the black star" means that the new impulses - the increase in vibration that will change the character of all life on the physical plane will have to touch that plane when the previous cycle is about to close, and bring man's mental and spiritual nature into contact. "The blinded eyes" indicate a loss of spiritual sight, both mental and physical, because today's earthly races have lost the primitive and clear spiritual vision they had in previous races. In this sloka there is a promise for the future.
The Dumbledore Avatar comes on a white horse holding a sword that pierces.
Do you think that the coming of the One who is the Blessed One will bring peace on earth? Do you think that your periods of fatigue, of struggle against obstacles, of temptations of the flesh, will diminish, and that the conditions that are now attainable on the devacian plane will repeat themselves on the material plane? If so, your disappointment will be great. No Avatar, and no great Instructor of the World, ever came to earth with an olive branch in his hands. They always came with a sword to separate "sheep from goats", to separate the evils of ignorance from knowledge and truth. The olive branch will materialise when the sword has done its work of separation. Master H. Theogenesis commentary Room VI.
When Christ was on earth two thousand years ago, He said: "I have not come to bring peace, but the sword. The sword of the spirit is wielded by Hierarchy, and through it cosmic evil is arrested; the sword of discrimination is wielded by the initiates and disciples of the world, and through it the distinction between good and evil (Exteriorization of Hierarchy, 434).
Nothing can stop him from approaching, and no one can say no to him. Towards the darkness of our sphere he rides alone, and as he approaches we see the greatest calamity and chaos of what he tries to resist.
The coming of the Avatar is inevitable. This inevitability has long been foretold. It comes at a time of moral decay. In the darkness of our sphere He rides alone. The "our sphere" shrouded in darkness can reasonably be interpreted as our globe, the Earth, the fourth globe in the Earth's chain.
The Asuras veil their faces, and the abyss of Maya falters to the foundations. The stars of the eternal Lha vibrate at that sound - the WORD spoken with sevenfold intensity.
The Asura who try to hide are the Dark Face Brothers who struggle to prevent the spiritual evolution of the world. The abyss of Maya falters to the foundations, that is, the dark foundations of the material world tremble, because from the Avatar comes a sevenfold vibration, a Word of power, into the dense matter. The stars of the eternal Lha, the higher Spiritual Entities, which are on the higher cosmic etheric planes of our solar system, vibrate in response to that sound.
He said to them: "I am sent to be a torch to light the Fires in your hearts, and I will remain with you until the Holy Light shines so brightly, that every enemy will be revealed to your eyes, but only you will have the power to bring down those enemies. Go now to collect the fuel and fuel the Fires properly. Theogenesis Room VI Sloka 4
To annihilate enemies the awakened man must collect fuel and feed the Fires in an appropriate way, that is, he must feed the fuel of the Higher Desire and, to change his thoughts, he must prepare the fire of Discrimination or Discernment, symbolically the sword, the fire of the right action regarding the "things" that must be materially transformed from one form into another. This is made possible only if "the fires are properly fed" - rightly prepared and made active by a high purpose.
The smoke of a deep black rises upwards and dissipates. The discordant roar of the elements in war greets Him who comes and does not stop Him.
He who comes tries to enter a sphere from which rises the smoke of a deep black, that is of the "black star", our Earth. The discordant roar of the elements is that of the elements of the black star, which are in a state of disharmony. The turbulent elements in war, greet the one who comes, that is, they respond to his vibration not by opposing, but by harmonizing.
The struggle and cries of the fourth Hierarchy, joining the sweetest note of the builders of the fifth and sixth, welcome His approach.
The fourth Hierarchy is the human kingdom that is in struggle, two opposing sides face each other. The Builders of the fifth and the sixth are the two Hierarchies of the Deva or Angels who help the line-up oriented towards the spiritual world.
However, He passes through His way, touching the circle of the spheres and resounding the WORD.
The Silent Avatar, touching the outermost circle of the three spheres, that is, the three physical, emotional and mental planes, remaining in the abstract mental plane, not going beyond the limit of the concrete mental plane, resounds the Word which is the Vibration of His Dumbledore Will, the Impulse to Synthesis, a Purpose, a new sevenfold Word of Power.
In fact, in 1940 Master D.K. announced that: "Another minor Avatar awaits the call of humanity". Esoterically, it is connected to the Avatar of Synthesis, because it is overshadowed by it. This Avatar can descend into external expression on the physical plane, and thus bring down and transmit the stimulation and the quality of the strength of the Avatar major that cannot approach beyond the mental plane. Who this coming Being will be, cannot yet be revealed. It could be the Christ, if his other tasks will allow him; it could be an Entity chosen by Him, overshadowed by the Avatar of Synthesis and directed in activity by Christ, the Lord of Love.

In a 1933 painting by N. Roerich "Sword of Peace", the Sword is carried horizontally on the arms of an Asian warrior wearing a helmet with the Three Circles engraved on it. The warrior is represented with his hands joined in the form of prayer or concentration. We can suppose that the Sword, is in the depths of Shamballa waiting to reveal itself at the time of the coming of Maitreya (Christ).

By the end of the Second World War, the separateness of humanity, and its selfishness, had reached such proportions, and their effects were so completely dominated by the Forces of Evil that, in response to humanity's initial mass demand, Hierarchy called for spiritual intervention. The incessant selfish propaganda formulated with words and writings, largely materialistic, nationalistic and fundamentally lying, based on erroneous motivations, became such a clamour that it reached the spheres normally inaccessible to the sounds of the earth; the Avatar of Synthesis, He who possesses immense power, was called to help. The Spiritual Hierarchy decided to create the conditions that would make possible the coming of Christ, which in the first place may seem undesirable, because the still present opposition of the Forces of Evil is still active and must be overcome; this may require drastic measures, but in the end a great good will will will appear. It must be remembered that synthesis is an aspect of the first divine characteristic, the Will, or rather the Will of Good. This energy or influence that will be used by Christ himself (and for which He has prepared himself for so long) produces cohesion, rapprochement and a tendency towards fusion and union. (Exteriorization of the Hierarchy, pg. 648, June 1948).
A few years later, the Master affirms that the Avatar of Synthesis should shroud Christ, Manu and Master M. thus creating "a triangle of energies in which (and through which) the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis can flow, to which their joint efforts give the right direction". (Exteriorization of Hierarchy, 665).
Master D.K. says that a triangle of energies of which the Avatar of Synthesis is a part and Christ is the centre, "will continue for two thousand five hundred years", that is until the end of the Age of Aquarius (The Return of Christ, 98).
This means that 2025 is only the beginning of a long work (a great awakening in the human family and an important spiritual reorientation) that will end in the Capricorn era. The initiation to enter the kingdom of God through the Door of Capricorn. The Avatar of Synthesis is described as the One who stands on the summit of the mountain (the highest point of the mental plane), emanating eternal love, supreme and peaceful light, and Silent Will. In Capricorn, the initiandi, symbolically represented by the goats, must climb the Mount of Initiation, walking towards the light of the Avatar. A great mass initiation will take place in the Capricorn era, and then the door of initiation to the fourth kingdom will be closed.
Two new doors were opened from Finite to Infinite. Theogenesis Room VI Sloka 6
The bright white ray of the Divine Sun shone through the newly opened doors and did not break into fragments. The face of the Star that was once black had changed; it now shone with a brilliant radiance ... Theogenesis Room VI Sloka 7
The term "carries," as used in sloka 7, depicts the most advanced lines of thought adopted by a wide range of today's terrestrial races. These lines of thought are doors of entry, so to speak, to a more advanced state of evolution than that reached by the masses of humanity today. Since two doors are mentioned here, it is evident that the dual action of two opposing forces in manifestation must be particularly strong during the period in question. The action of opposing forces, referred to as Democracy and Dictatorship, can result in an antagonism powerful enough to tear the energetic life sphere of each nation into many fragments. The prophecy states that the ray of light will not break.
There are two doors to the cosmic cavern, Cancer and Capricorn. Through Cancer, or "man's door", the soul descends to earth (to join the body), which constitutes its spiritual death. Through Capricorn, the "door of the Gods", it ascends to heaven. Cancer represents the mass form, the collective animal soul; Capricorn represents the group, the universal soul.
The luminous white ray of the Divine Sun is the Light of the Christos. With the opening of the two new doors - perfected centres of perception and intuition - the teachings of Christ are accepted without reservation or prejudice. They are no longer shattered in the human distortions of organizations, movements, sciences or arts.
The Black Star, the planet Earth on which man lives, now becomes a Luminous Star. Because the hearts of men, reflecting the teachings of the Avatar, shed the light of obedience, gratitude and intelligence in every kingdom of nature, all things that grow add their own light to the kingdom of man. The earth gives back to the Sun the light of its Love.
The Star once Black now shone with glory reflected in the Face of Him, and full and clear He heard the echo of the chord which until then had only vibrated on lesser tones of pain and anguish. Theogenesis Room VII Sloka 5
Master H. commenting on the slokas in room VII says that they announce the coming of the Christos to all men on earth, and speak of how the Power of Light and Love descends where man can absorb it, without diminishing in his spiritual emanation. On the contrary, it is increased by the majority of the inhabitants of the earth - which was once the Black Star - who now correspond to His Light and Love, because the Star is no longer obscured by ignorance and illusion and no longer sends agreements of suffering and pain.
One can predict with certainty that the Avatar will come. That His forerunner will be Christ is also certain. When Christ will come, it will be for the advanced units of the human family; they will recognize Him, because He has always been with us, while from the masses His advent will evoke a vibratory response but not a direct recognition. As far as the Avatar is concerned, it will be a process of hierarchical recognition of an adombrant Presence, in whose aura the planetary Logos will assume the position of planetary representative. Christ will return again as the Saviour of the world, but thanks to the arduous nature of the work to be done, he will be fortified and supported by the Silent Avatar who (in the occult sense) "will keep His eye on Him, support Him with His hand and keep His heart in unison with His. (Rays and Initiations, p. 94-5).
At the great General Assembly of the Hierarchy (held every quarter century) in 2025, the date of the first stage of exteriorization of the Hierarchy itself will most likely be set. (Exteriorization of the Hierarchy, 530).

Today these initiates exist by the thousands; in 2025 they will be present by the millions. (Rays and Initiations 571).
Today, human beings as a whole invoke so noisily that the whole trend of the life of the Hierarchy and its plans, until now, have been subject to change, to postponement with regard to certain internal and purely hierarchical determinations, and to an acceleration of certain plans which were planned (if I may use a similar word) to take place several centuries later, but which - because of the unexpected preparation of humanity - may take place, not prematurely, but safely and in the fullness of time; this fullness of time, as far as the particular planning we are dealing with, goes from now until the year 2025 - a short period of time, indeed, in which to see the fulfillment of the wider purpose of the planetary Logos. (Exteriorization of the Hierarchy, August 1946, p. 562).
Lance and shield! God blesses the warriors.
Everything will come. Twilight will come to an end.
Can't you see that Cosmic Consciousness is bubbling?
We follow the development of the battle:
the Creator's Plan is unalterable.
Since the Beginning the dark ones opposed.
Since the beginning we won.
Leaves of the Garden of Morya I, 231
Master D.K. in Exteriorization of the Hierarchy explains that in the 20th century, Shamballa's power of the First Ray of Will and Power was liberated to destroy the old political, social and religious forms. Since the energy flowing through the focal points of the Divine Will has a dual effect, both destructive and constructive, according to the quality of the bodies that react to it. The incoming powers freed from this Divine Will by polar reaction produced a regurgitation of evil in the hearts of men with this inclination, leading to a similar unity, unanimity and creative activity of separative evil full of hatred.
The greatest calamity and chaos are caused by the resistance of those who oppose change, by the fact that the First Ray of Spiritual Will, Power and Synthesis, is also the ray of divine destruction, which eliminates crystallized forms so that the New World can rise from the ashes. Before there can be a reformulation according to the foreseen archetype, the old patterns must be destroyed, reduced to chaos.
The Will of Good aroused the prompt reaction of the Forces of Evil, which had created and "kept in place" the modern materialistic world with the importance it gives to forms and money. This influx of will "opened the door where evil dwells" and unleashed the full fury of the Black Lodge on earth. The Adepts of the Black Lodge released on the Axis nations the energy of the will of separation and aggression (distortion of Shamballa's energy, First Ray); this was made possible by their receptivity to the will of power, which must be balanced by the will of good. The forces of evil used this energy to destroy the souls of men, to precipitate war and destroy cities and all our centres of civilisation and culture.
The evocation of the energy of Will and its effect on the materialist is a disaster, because it would only serve to focus and strengthen the will of the lower self, or obstinacy, stimulating, directed to selfish purposes, which the individual could become a monster of perversity. One example was Hitler. However, what has made the latter such a dangerous enemy of the human family is that over the last two thousand years mankind has progressed to the point where it can also respond to certain aspects of this First Ray force. Therefore, Hitler found associates and collaborators who added their receptivity to his own, and an entire group thus became the responsive agent of the destructive energy that is expressed in its lowest aspect. This was what enabled them to operate ruthlessly, powerfully, selfishly, cruelly, and successfully, for the destruction of everything that tried to hinder their plans and desires.
The lords of evil use the energies of the will of the First Ray of appearance, and consequently most of the dark hierarchy is on the First Ray itself. These evil beings of the Black Lodge have responded to the energy of Shamballa's will and the life-giving, life-giving force, but they have used it in accordance with their evil intentions and with the power conferred upon them by their position on the cosmic scale of evil. Hence the war. Their particular form of selfishness is far worse than anything you can imagine, because they are completely detached and separated from any contact with the energy to which we give the name of love. The Powers of Darkness again attempt to destroy humanity's progress towards spiritual values.
In order to continue to carry out their obscure aims, the Black Lodge needs to take possession of the world's wealth by taking it away from the world's population and maintaining control of it by force, using in condescending nations police forces to maintain the new order, and in general mercenaries willing to do anything for the right price.
The energy of the Active Intelligence, what is defined as the Third Ray, materializes through the energy of desire, which in turn materializes money. Whoever holds the money also holds the power, and this is as true for current capitalism as it is for an enriched proletariat or a greedy government. Human intelligence has served on the side of materialism and not on the side of spiritual values. Money is the concrete expression of the third type of spiritual energy.
Master D.K. explains that the forces of destruction that militate against the forces of good have seized the world's monetary resources and diverted the current of prana that automatically crystallizes into money and the world's financial wealth, towards separative and personal material ends. These speculative interests are currently focused through certain financial groups in all powerful nations, particularly in the United States. In America the dictatorship of organised businessmen has taken hold, who seek to dominate and control every sector of the nation's economic life by reaching, through the expert minds of government, to the deepest roots of national existence.
Against the obscure manipulators of energy connected to money and the world economy, the Third Ray Masters operate strenuously in the economic and financial world through individuals, and there are many of them, animated by a spirit of selfless service.
The right economy is a new spiritual sphere of action. The spiritualisation of money and its accumulation in great quantity for the work of the Great Beings, the Disciples of Christ, is part of a truly necessary world service and can now begin satisfactorily, but it must be carried out with spiritual intuition, proper technique and true understanding. Purity of motive and altruism are implied.
Master D.K. in Exteriorization of the Hierarchy warns that the interests at stake, the great cartels, trusts and monopolies that dominated in the last decades before the World War, will mobilize their resources and fight to the death to prevent the extinction of their sources of income; they will not allow, if they can, the control of this unlimited power to pass into the hands of the masses to which it rightfully belongs. The selfish interests of the big shareholders, the banking institutions and the rich organised churches will oppose all change, except in so far as they can profit from it and make greater financial gains in their safes.
The energies known as evil or black forces are therefore connected to what is considered the dark side of nature and energy. They are manipulated by the Dark Brotherhood, great and powerful human beings who are behind the managers of financial power, the New World Order, are mostly disembodied beings. They mainly use groups of selfish and ambitious men, easily manipulated, a fertile ground for their exploits. The power of the dark ones is apparently dominant on the physical and emotional (astral) planes. Not so, on the higher mental level, the level where the Brothers of Light, powerful black adepts may be at the lower mental levels, but on the higher levels the White Lodge dominates.
The Forces of Darkness are powerful energies that work to preserve what is ancient and material; therefore they are primarily forces of crystallization, of preservation of form, of attraction of matter and of what exists in the life of form in the three worlds. Consequently, they deliberately block the influx of what is new and life-giving; they work to prevent the understanding of what belongs to the new age; they try to preserve what is familiar and old, to neutralise the effects of the approaching culture and civilisation, to bring blindness to peoples and to continually fuel the fires of hatred, separateness, criticism and cruelty that exist.
Contrary to popular belief, in the globalised world in which we live, it is not individual states that issue their own money, but a coordinated system of Central Banks, which lend money to governments for interest. This means that the banknotes in circulation do not belong to the state, but to the central banks. The most famous central banks are the ECB for Europe and the Federal Reserve for the United States. But each country or political-economic grouping of countries has its own central bank. The nation states have taken away the power to issue (print) money, delegating this fundamental function to privately owned central banks. Therefore, national governments, in order to make the state work, must borrow money from private individuals!
It is the Forces of Evil, which have created and "maintained" the modern materialistic world with the importance it gives to forms and money. Applying the principle of interest rate lending to macroeconomics, control is no longer over the individual debtor but extends to entire states, especially when these states devolve the power to print money to private banks by borrowing from them. This system is very well summed up by the phrase of the founder of the Rothschild dynasty, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Give me control of a nation's currency and I don't care who makes its laws. The beginning of the rise to control of the world's economic resources dates back to the late eighteenth century in Germany with the advent of the Rothschild financial dynasty.
The 25 points in the manifesto document of the doctrine of economic evil attributed to Amschel Mayer Rothschild are as follows:
  1. Using violence and terrorism rather than academic discussions.
  2. Preaching "Liberalism" to usurp political power.
  3. Start the class struggle.
  4. Politicians must be cunning and deceitful - any moral code leaves a politician vulnerable.
  5. Dismantle "existing law enforcement and regulations. Reconstruction of all existing institutions".
  6. Remain invisible until you have acquired such strength that no other force or cunning can undermine it.
  7. Use Mass Psychology to control crowds. "Without absolute despotism you cannot govern efficiently."
  8. upport the use of liquor, drugs, moral corruption and all forms of vice, systematically used by "agents" to corrupt youth.
  9. Take possession of property by any means to ensure submission and sovereignty.
  10. Fomenting wars and controlling peace conferences so that none of the fighters gain territory, putting them in further debt and thus in our power.
  11. Choose candidates for public office from those who will be "servile and obedient to our commands, so that they can be easily used as pawns in our game".
  12. Use the print for propaganda in order to control all public information outlets, while remaining in the shadows, free from guilt.
  13. Making the masses believe that they have been prey to criminals. Then restore order and appear as saviors.
  14. Create financial panic. Hunger is used to control and subjugate the masses.
  15. Infiltrating Freemasonry to exploit the lodges of the Grand Orient as a cloak to the true nature of their work in philanthropy. Spreading their atheo-materialist ideology among the "goyim".
  16. When it beats the crowning hour for our sovereign lord of the whole world, their influence will banish anything that might stand in his way.
  17. Systematic use of deception, high phrases and popular slogans. "The opposite of what has been promised can always be done afterwards... This is without consequences".
  18. A Reign of Terror is the cheapest way to bring about rapid subjugation.
  19. Masquerading as politicians, financial and economic advisors to carry out our mandate with diplomacy and without fear of exposing "the secret power behind national and international affairs".
  20. The goal is supreme world government. It will be necessary to establish great monopolies, therefore, even the greatest fortune of the goyim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go down with the credit of their governments the day after the great political bankruptcy.
  21. Use economic warfare. He robs goyim of their land and industry with a combination of high taxes and unfair competition.
  22. Let the "goyim" destroy each of the others; so that in the world only the proletariat will be left, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause and enough police and soldiers to protect their interests.
  23. Call it the New Order. Appoint a Dictator.
  24. Dumb, confuse and corrupt the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know to be false.
  25. Bending national and international laws within a contradiction that first masks the law and then hides it completely. Replace arbitration with law.                                               

The term goyim is used to indicate peoples and people other than the Jewish people. In 1790 Mayer Rothschild summed up the family's manipulative technique by saying: "Give me control over a nation's currency, and I don't care who makes the laws". The game was, and still is, to make companies and governments fill themselves with debts, and then take them over in order to gain control.
Assuming by hypothesis that this document is a creation after Amschel Mayer Rothschild, we cannot say that it has not been applied by the Dark Brotherhood and that it brings according to obscure desires to a New World Order where few command an exterminated mass a new condition of serfdom, which must deprive it of any form of autonomous economic subsistence and depend only on the central financial power, no more rights and duties but only the law of the market and of the strongest. Fear and terror of physical existence are their weapons. Besides the fear of being without money, another great fear has long since been inoculated in men, that of physical health. The holders of the world's deviant finance have expanded their power over the people through control of the pharmaceutical industry. Selling medicines to healthy people, a business in vogue that makes the pharmaceutical industry the most thriving on the planet. Ray Moynihan, author of the book "Selling sickness" explains the meaning of "Disease Mongering" literally "commodification of disease":
  1. Turning people into sick people or making them believe that they are sick or will be sick or could become sick, in mind and body, to sell products and expand markets.
  2. Broaden the diagnostic limits in order to have more diagnoses of disease, always in order to grow the market.
  3. Painting minor problems such as serious illnesses and encouraging increasingly costly and extensive investigations instead of resorting to clinical evaluation and common sense.
  4. Corrupt medical research and influence publications in order to increase drug sales or the number of tests.
  5. Medicalize people's normal lives so that they never feel well but always at risk.         

The American Medical Association published an alarming figure some years ago: the third leading cause of death in the world is caused by incorrectly prescribed drugs. National health systems are under attack from continuous epidemics that turn into pandemics whose effects are fear of getting sick and dying, social distancing and big business in the sale of drugs and vaccines. In the new world order dominated by a single thought, fear and terror are the main weapons. The lonely, frightened citizen wants and demands security in exchange for his physical, emotional and thought freedoms. The virus destroys his physical freedom, fear stifles his emotional freedom and the concept of love and brotherhood, single thinking puts him to sleep and stifles free thinking. In this obscure project, the traditional solidarity, the organic solidarity, that solidarity between equals belonging to the same social group, fades away.
When, in the early days of the Atlantis, they emerged from the place where they had been confined and forced the Great White Lodge to withdraw temporarily to the subjective levels, their first great act of deformation was to implant fear in human beings, beginning with the fear of death. Fear of death is one of the great anomalies or deformations of divine truth, for which the Lords of Cosmic Evil are responsible. From that moment on, humans have placed the emphasis on death and not on life and have been dominated by fear throughout their lives (Rays and Initiations 732). Fear and terror are the weapons of the dark ones.
In order to implement this project they need to control information and inoculate fear through the media, television and newspapers now online, and finally through the control of websites, social media, and generally what is fed into the data network (internet). Through complacent media, ideologies and visions are ridiculed. Let us remember what is said in the Bible "without vision a people die". At the same time the population has to be drugged, young people are flooded with drugs, the less young are drugged by futile television programmes. The minority that opposes this design will be ridiculed at first, then isolated and deprived of the money necessary for existence. Plotters is the current derogatory word addressed to those who dare to criticize and question the dictates of the Single Thought.
Master M. warned the disciples in 1935:
The forces of darkness press with various means, and are present in levels close to the Light. In the subtle spheres this closeness is naturally impossible, but in the earthly world, where the atmosphere is thickened by toxic gases, the forces of darkness try to tighten around the Light. An impulse of destruction drives them towards the Lighthouses of Truth. Enemies who attack with a sword in their fist are not as dangerous as those who approach with a mask of Light, and are, conscious or not, true instruments of the Shadow. At first the unconscious ones act, so to speak, in parallel with the good, and, as bearers of evil, infect every beginning. But those who serve evil knowing it say your own prayers in the temple, and woe to those who are unable to distinguish them! Dark traps await you. It is not wise to admit in the most sacred place those who offend the spirit. Devils can also help, on a physical level, and even build a temple, but the spiritual level is inaccessible to them. On the way to the Fiery World then remember the slaves of the shadow, who seek to penetrate the "Holy Sanctorum" (Fiery World III, 165).
These dark forces, as far as the intelligent peoples of the world are concerned, operate insidiously and clothe their efforts with fine words, leading even particularly evolved people to express hatred towards people and ideologies, feeding the hidden seeds of hatred inherent in many human beings. They stir up fear and hatred in the world to the point of fury, in an effort to preserve what is old and make what is unknown appear undesirable, and retain the forces of evolution and progress for their own ends. These forces are always looking for a focal point for their efforts or a distribution agent for their particular type of energy: the energy of focused and direct hatred, separation, fear and pride. "The dark ones have as their system to first sow distrust, then to saturate it with desires, then to inflate these into crimes, and reap a double harvest" (Leaves of the Garden of Morya II, 205). When man frees himself from fear, he discovers the origin of reality. (Leaves of the Garden of Morya II, 163).

The sunspot cycle lasts about 11 years. During this period solar activity (i.e. magnetic field, number of flares, emitted radiation and cosmic rays) ranges from a maximum, when a large number of sunspots appear, to a minimum when they disappear. This means that at the beginning of the cycle there are no spots, and therefore the surface of the Sun is free and clean. Then, after a couple of years, the first spots begin to appear, particularly in the northern and southern hemispheres and at average sun latitudes.

The NASA website states that the forecast of the next sunspot cycle will be the weakest in the last 200 years. The maximum of this cycle, measured in terms of number of sunspots could be 30-50% lower than the most recent one (115 spots at the maximum peak against an average of 179). The turning point of the current cycle of sunspots would actually start in December 2019, coinciding with the minimum of the previous cycle. The maximum is foreseen for July 2025.

The Soviet scientist A.L. Tchijewsky (1897-1964), professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Moscow University, who had studied the problem for a long time, collecting data from 72 countries since 600 B.C., discovered a clear parallelism between epidemics in general, wars, great migrations and revolutions in relation to the 11-year cycle of the Sun. The thesis is that all epidemics and major social changes show an eleven-year periodicity.
G. L. Playfair and S. Hill write that "Soviet astronomers and geophysicists have stated that overall seismic activity on Earth obeys at the same rate as solar activity. The most authoritative spokesperson for this theory is A. D. Sytinsky of the Artic and Antarctic Research Institute of Leningrad, who went so far as to state that seismic phenomena on Earth depend on solar activity". The same can be said for tornadoes, in fact, the flow of energy produced by solar eruptions contributes to the origin of tornadoes, and cyclones. The influence of the sun and particularly sunspots and related magnetic storms is well known.
The discovery made by the Institute of Clinical Physiology in Kiev by electrophysiologist Dr A. Podsibjakin showed that sunspots excite a number of points located on acupuncture meridians related to organic functions, and consequently can cause real diseases. So the ancient belief that epidemics were due to cosmic influences is by no means exaggerated. On the other hand, everyone is familiar with the "Takata reaction", which measures the amount of albumin in the blood, which is dependent on sunspots.
Professor Giorgio Piccardi of the University of Florence stated: "All living beings are much more intimately linked to the outside world than one might think". The scientist also explained that "To be subject to cosmic effects, man does not need to be launched into space; neither does he need to leave home". The point is now to know whether the energies that flow from the perturbations of our sun force us to do certain things or, more simply, make us inclined to do something. One thing is certain, the peak of this solar cycle is the weakest in the last 200 years, therefore, the energies that come to our globe should be borne without psychic trauma by the majority of the world's population.
A study conducted by researchers at the German institute Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and published in the journal Solar Physics seems to have found a solution in the alignment of the three planets: Venus, Earth and Jupiter. According to these researchers, their gravitational influence would create tidal forces that modify the position of the surface plasma in the Sun. The three planets align approximately every 11.07 years, which is the average duration of the solar cycle.
The small and large cycles on earth are the effects of cosmic causes, causes that at the beginning of their activity are marked by the positions of the different planets in their orbits and their exposure to the sun.
When it is stated that each planet in the solar system has its influence on the duration of sunspots and, on the contrary, the sunspot cycle is closely linked to the vital activities of all planets, visible or invisible, influencing them, it does not mean that both visible and invisible planets have attributes of inferiority or superiority.
The gigantic planet Jupiter, especially in its different periods, has a particular relationship with the cycle of maximum and minimum sunspots. The year of Jupiter is about twelve (11.86) of our years. There is a vast statistic of very interesting facts that show the connection between the sunspot cycles and the orbital periods of the planets, because their respective 'years' are precisely oriented together, both causally and actually, as are the interlocking wheels of any intricate physical mechanism.
The Earth Orbit is located between the 3rd of Venus and the 4th of Jupiter. The Earth traces psycho-geometries in the cycles composed with the other Luminaries. With Venus it traces a 5-pointed star (a pentagon) in an eight-year cycle. With Jupiter a 12-pointed star, in fact, takes twelve years (terrestrial) to make a revolution around the Solar Centre, that is one year to cross each of the Zodiacal Signs. Count the years and the Signs.
Venus is the "alter ego" of the Earth, as is written in various occultism texts, that is, it is the additional and complementary planet. The planet called Earth is considered the decisive point or battlefield between Spirit and Matter.

The glyph of the planet Earth is a circle that contains a cross, to signify the matter (cross) enclosed within the field of action of the spirit (circle), within which it elaborates its transformation and sublimation. In astronomical terms the cross recalls the intersection of the polar axis and the celestial equator, the planetary spine and its inclination field.
Inside and outside the sunspots flow quickly - and at certain times real internal and external currents - not only flows of life, but also their masses of psycho-magnetic vital powers are involved. These rivers of life are intimately connected with the planetary periods in which the respective positions taken by certain planets in different periods (what astrologers would call aspects) mark critical points by interconnecting the celestial mechanisms of the solar system. The term celestial mechanisms here does not refer to simple mechanisms, but applies directly to the circulations and interconnections of the various magnetisms that fuse with the magnetism of the sun itself.
The mathematicians and astronomers of the future will discover this cyclical relationship of planetary years with sunspot periods; perhaps the role of the lowest common multiple will be an allusion to those mathematical inclinations of the mind in discovering how planets act in unison with the sun towards a common final destiny in the evolutionary scheme.
Common knowledge indicates the Sun as the centre of the Solar System. "In fact, everything orbits around the centre of mass of the Solar System, even the Sun itself," James O'Donoghue, a planetologist at JAXA, the Japanese Space Agency, recently explained on Twitter. This centre of mass is called the centre of gravity. This variation in the Sun's position relative to its centre of gravity, caused by the planets, would result in long-term variations in the flow of convective currents under the surface of the Sun.
Summing up, every planetary system orbits around an invisible point, a barycentre, including the star (Sun) or the planet that seems to be the centre of that system itself. The Sun dances around the barycentre of the solar system according to a marvellous trefoil pattern in cycles of 60 years. Incidentally, 60 is the number of Anu, the Sumerian Sky. The Egyptians, according to Giamblico, assigned the number 60 to the crocodile, Osiris' vehicle, because it was familiar to the Sun, that is to say to the celestial circle.


What does the Sun represent for Ancient and Mysterious Wisdom?
The fact is that what you call the Sun is simply a reflection of the immense "deposit" of our System, in which all its forces are generated and preserved; the Sun being the heart and brain of our tiny Universe, we could compare its faculae - the millions of intensely brilliant little bodies from which, in addition to the spots, the surface of the Sun is made - to the blood corpuscles of that luminous body although, as science has rightly imagined, some of them are as big as Europe. These blood corpuscles are electrical and magnetic matter in the sixth and seventh state .... We know that the invisible Sun is made up of that which has no name, nor can it be compared to things known by your science - on earth; and that its "reflection" contains even fewer things like "gas," mineral substances or fire, although even we, speaking of it in your civilised language, are forced to use expressions like "vapour" and "magnetic matter". The Sun is not a solid incandescence, neither liquid nor gaseous; it is a giant sphere of electro-magnetic forces, the deposit of life and universal movement from which they pulsate in every direction, feeding with the same material the smallest atom and the greatest genius until the end of the Maha Yuga. (Master K.H. Letters of the Mahatma pp. 164-65 ed. or. or.)
The real substance of the Concealed (Sun) is a nucleus of Substance-Mother. It is the Heart and Matrix of all living and existing Forces in our Solar Universe. It is the nucleus from which, during their cyclic journeys, all the Powers that put into action the Atoms, in the exercise of their functions, and the Fire within which they meet again in their seventh essence every eleven years, expand. If there is someone who tells you that he has seen the Sun, laugh at him, as if he had told you that the Sun actually moves along its daily orbit. (H.P. Blavatsky Ancient Commentary in - The Secret Doctrine, I, 290 ed. or.)
The heart of the Sun is therefore a particle of the Substance-Mother that is pure Spirit.

The Sun is shaped like a heart, the heart that feeds the solar system, and (seen from a cosmic point of view) has a depression at the point we can call the North Pole. The depression is produced by the impact of logo energy on the solar substance.
The physical sun contracts just as rhythmically as the human heart with each reflux of blood. Only, instead of completing the circuit in about a second, does the sun's blood take ten of its years to circulate, and a whole year to pass through its atria and ventricles, before going into the lungs and then returning to the great arteries and veins of the System. The Sun's breath lasts 11 years and at the end of this period it reverses its polarities.
The increase in the number of sunspots is precisely due to the contraction of the sun's heart. The phenomenon is similar to the regular, healthy pulse of the heart, when the vital fluid passes through its hollow muscles. The solar system breathes, just as man and every living creature on Earth breathes, every plant, even every mineral; and just as our globe itself breathes every twenty-four hours.
American astrophysicists from NASA and European astrophysicists from Hexa were able to capture and record the "sound" of the Sun. It emits a dull, gloomy, intermittent noise that resembles the heartbeat of a giant.
Sunspots are the external mouths or windows of the canals through which rivers of vines flow out and re-enter the Sun. They are the openings (if we do not misinterpret this word too great) through which the sun expels its store of solar vitality reserves to the furthest corners of its system; and it is this vitality that gives life to all things within the aura of the Sun, which extends even to the furthest reaches of the solar system. And it is still through the sunspots that the "blood", the energy, the electricity of the Sun returns to be purified in the heart that it emanated.
We can consider sunspots as channels, openings or vents, which serve as entrances and exits for rivers of many degrees of vines. Every atom ANU or monad of all the countless myriads that fill the solar system must pass over and over again, in periodic cycles, into and through the solar heart, and come out of it; just as in the human body every atom of every molecule of every drop of blood must pass through the heart, and leave it again to continue its destiny along the body's circulations. The sun is a reservoir of electrical energy and, as the great beating heart of its system, it vitalises and conforms the exterminated armies under its systematic domination.
Science will not deny this, since Astronomy is aware of the fixed cycle of eleven years, when the number of sunspots increases, an increase due to solar heart contractions.
The dark zone is not due to absorption exerted by the vapours coming out of the womb of the sun and interposed between the observer and the photosphere", as Father Secchi would like, nor are the spots formed by the matter itself (inflamed gaseous matter) that the irruption projects onto the solar disc". The phenomenon is similar to the regular and healthy pulse of the heart, when the vital fluid passes through its hollow muscles. If the human heart could become luminous, and the pulsating living organ could be made visible, as if it were reflected on a screen, just as Astronomy teachers, for example, use to show the moon, then everyone would see the phenomena of the sunspot repeating itself every second, and would realise that they are due to the contraction and flow of blood.
The Sun is the heart of the Solar World [system], and its brain is hidden behind the Sun [visible]. From there, the sensation is radiated into every nerve centre of the great body, and the waves of the vital essence flow into every artery and vein... The planets are its limbs and pulsations. (H.P. Blavatsky, Ancient Commentary in The Secret Doctrine - Cosmogenesis).
There is a close relationship between the sunspot cycle and the earth's magnetism, particularly at the two poles of the earth, although there is a very considerable difference in the quality of the respective polar magnetisms. The eleven-year sunspot cycle influences each of the planets in the solar family through their north and south poles. The magnetism that reaches us from the sun - physical, astral, as well as mental - enters the planet Earth through the north pole; it then follows certain circulations in and around the Earth, which it then leaves through the opposite pole. All these magnetic circulations pass around the equator for a number of times, and can be short or longer lasting.
The Earth follows the breathing of the Sun very closely, because the entire solar system is an animated organism whose organs are the planets. The magnetic force currents coming from the Sun, run through the Earth at the North Pole, passing directly from pole to pole through the centre of the Earth, while other parts extend around or above its surface, but always from North to South, bouncing around the entire surface of the globe, towards the South Pole - where a part is sucked in, to return to the North Pole, ready to be emitted again. Thus the circulation continues. But not all magnetic force currents are sucked into the North Pole; one part flows into space, like a cone, and returns to the Sun from which it came.
Vincenzo PISCIUNERI    

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